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Warranty Information


Trust Us for Quality Workmanship and Material Warranties

Merrill and Sons is a family-owned and operated business that has been providing quality concrete products and workmanship for 60 years.

Our team hereby agrees to repair or replace or otherwise make good any manufacturing defect in workmanship or materials that may develop in our properly installed septic tank, pump tank, or water tank, for a period of one year from the certificate of occupancy or install date, whichever is later.

Tank Repairs and Other Replacements

If a leak occurs, we will repair the tank in place, if possible. However, it may be necessary to drain water from the tank in order to do the repair. We will not replace water drained from the tank. If the repair is not possible, we will replace the tank with a like product or refund the price paid for the tank.

Warranty Exclusions

This warranty does not include any pumping, excavation, plumbing, or electrical work required in order to complete the repair or replacement. The choice of the remedy will be our sole discretion to ensure that the tank meets the county specifications.
Cracks or leaks caused by vacuum, over pressure, overfilling of tank, settling from improper base preparation, unstable soil shifting, improper backfilling, overloading tank top, or freezing will not be warranted.
Septic tank

Warranty Requirements

We must be allowed to access the tank to evaluate and repair the tank. Merrill and Sons further certifies that the above equipment fully meets the type, quality, design, and performance requirements.

Merrill and Sons shall not be liable for consequential, indirect, incidental, special, or economic damage of any kind. The exclusive remedy for any claim under this limited warrant shall be to repair or replace the tank found to be defective. 

Merrill and Sons makes no express or implied warranties of any kind. The decision to repair, replace, or reimburse shall be made exclusively by Merrill and Sons.

California Precast Concrete Association Member

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