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Water Testing


Watertight Testing

The tanks that we provide at Merrill and Sons are watertight. We will ensure that there are no water leaks. You can depend on us for quality concrete products with the best customer service.

Water Tank National Standards

Our water tanks are watertight to the IAPMO/ANSI Z1000 national standard, which is to fill the tank to the outlet flow line. The tank will hold water without leaking for two hours. This is all the water test requires; in normal use, the water level will not exceed this height. 

Water Testing With Merrill and Sons' Tanks

If the county or system designer requires testing above this point, never raise water level more than 1-inch into riser. Watch your water level closely, as once the water level gets to the manholes, the water level rises quickly. 

If you have more than one tank, they must be tested separately. Any water test failure where the water level was more than 1-inch above the top of the tank will not be covered under warranty. 

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